‘I Feel Safe,’ an app aimed at women’s safety


HYDERABAD: A mobile application aimed at safety of women and works withoutGPRS and internet was launched today.

The app “I Feel Safe” was launched by parents of the December 2012 Delhi gangrape victim.

They are participating in a two-day First International Conference on ‘Exploring Modern Science and Technology Solutions for Humanity. Education and Rights’, a release issued here stated.

The mobile app is powered by Nirbhaya Jyoti Trust, an institute formed to assist women who have experienced violence to find shelter and legal assistance.

It is a personal safety application for smartphone users developed in association with Mobile Standards Alliance of India.

The app places an automatic call to the national emergency number 100 and the location of the potential victim is tracked every 30 seconds and made available to their emergency contacts, emergency call centre team, who then reach out to provide support, to overcome the emergency situation, the release said.

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The highlight of the app is it works without GPRS and internet .

The app instantly adds a virtual panic button. Mobile phone owners can simply press the “Safety Ka Power Button” five times to activate an alarm.

It works across India on all mobile networks and sends near real-time updates about the location of the mobile user.

“Ever since the Nirbhaya incident happened, we are fully dedicated to the Trust. We help other victims fight. We also see to it that no girl ever has to go through what our daughter has gone through,” Nirbhaya’s parents said.

“We need to use technology to ensure safety of women. If the present day technology was available my daughter would have been saved. She tried to make a call through her mobile but it was snatched away by the culprits,” they added.

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