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Apart from improving Contentful itself and making it a better product, we’re always working on communicating its value to our potential and existing users. Recently we have introduced Space templates – a way to create spaces with predefined structure fit for specific purposes; namely a blog template, a product catalogue template or photo gallery template. The resulting spaces introduced a content model and a set of entries, and the goal was to show our users how to create the most primitive things in Contentful (before moving on to complex and intelligent ones).

About the apps

As a natural continuation of space templates, today we are releasing three demo mobile apps – one for each template – which enable previewing the content from these template-built spaces on mobile devices. They’re available on both Android and iOS, which makes it fair to say that we are releasing six apps at once. Please welcome: Blog, Gallery, Catalogue.



The titles are as straightforward as the apps themselves: Blog presents posts, Galleryshows images, and Catalogue resembles any of the dozens of curation services in which visitors can browse through collections of products.


Certainly, these are by no means supposed to be final ready-to-use products – and the blog app is not going to make App Store Top 10 chart. Think of these rather as polished versions of Hello, World! These apps are primarily intended to demonstrate how Contentful simplifies and promotes mobile publishing and to show examples of what can be achieved with it. And of course to help you persuade your fellow project managers and developers that mobile content management need not necessarily be painful and complex.

Source code on GitHub

To developers: there’s more. The source code of all apps is released on GitHub – see the links below. When you set out to develop an app, this codebase might be a very good starting point for exploring what it’s like to integrate mobile with Contentful.



On custom content

Before closing, one small caveat: as of today, it is not possible to preview content from you very own custom space. Instead, the mobile apps will only display the default entries from the demo space. We promise though that we’ll support user-generated spaces in the near future. We’re sorry about that, but we had to release this quick – there’s Mobile World Congress in sunny Barcelona.

However, in case you are willing to put extra effort and experiment with custom content, there is the Contentful Discovery app built precisely for that purpose.

Thanks for reading! We hope you close this tab delighted.

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